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Compressed felt may be defined as a fabric, built-up by interlocking of wool fiber by suitable combination of mechanical work, moisture and steam heat without spinning, weaving, knitting and niddeling.

It consists of some natural and synthetic fiber also. Blended material are opened and separated by use of OPNER MACHINE that has spikes and wires to disentangle wool locks. After that CARDING MACHINE with revolving rollers, in opposite direction and wired surface, acts as a comb-to-comb wool fibers like people combing their hair. Layers of wool fibers are then placed on a cloth sheet depending on thickness and density of felt desired and layers of material are added until desired thickness is achieved.

After this it is processed by HARDNER MACHINE. Hardner machine reduce thickness from as much as 12 inch in the batt into 1 inch in the hardened state with the process of steam treatment. Continuous pressure is then applied to achieve required density by giving stream treatment. Wool contained in the web amounts to natural interlocking without any resin/binders. Last step involves cutting felt sheets as per specification.
Felt Process